Personal Savings

Put your money

to work.

Earn up to 20% interest as your savings grow from seed to sequoia

Your money, your choice: Either fixed or reserved on a long term or short term basis.

Set savings targets and meet projected milestones: Focus on your goals with prudence

Create shelter for the rainy day, blizzard and storm.

Open your account with as little as ₦1000

Saving in cash is free

Save in Dollars

Lock your funds for a longer term

Level up to an investment portfolio at any time.

Your money is

protected 🔐

Deposits in your Savings Vaults are protected by the NDIC stashed with our trusted partner bank

Deposit and

withdraw instantly,

any time ⏰

Stash your cash without the fear of commitment or fees, just interest

The journey to wealth begins with you. Save, earn, repeat.

Save in cash. Or invest in a portfolio with greater growth potential. Genera helps you figure out what’s right for your goal.

Refer and Earn

refer & earn

Refer a friend and

earn 2,000 cash

Wealth building should be simple,whatever your goal. Start today


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