Couple Savings

Savings and investments like

every commitment begins

with a YES.

Invite your partner to sign up on Genera together as one

Both of you can connect your banks for easy, free transfers in and out

Enjoy higher interest ‍

rates as a couple 👩🏽‍❤️‍👨🏾

Deposits in your Savings Vaults are protected by the NDIC stashed with our trusted partner bank

Connect to create wealth 🤝

Signing up and connecting with your partner on Genera is simple and takes less than a minute. When signing up, you and your partner set a ratio of how you’d like to split expenses, and we automatically split all of the transactions and investments you make using your couple Genera account.

Link savings and investments account as one 💸

Save for your Anniversary, New Home, Emergencies, Children, Vacation, Wedding e.t.c. Genera helps you choose a goal and track your progress.

Invest in choice portfolio

Genera portfolios offer greater growth potential for longer-term goals, with automatic adjustments to help you stay on track.

Individual but as one

With Genera, you and your partner maintain individual checking accounts and balances. This protects you both from being able to withdraw money from your balance, but allows you to split all of the transactions that you make.

Refer and Earn

refer & earn

Refer a friend and

earn ₦2,000 cash

Wealth building should be simple,whatever your goal. Start today


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